2020 Holy Week Resources

Tenebrae this year will be a little different as we encourage you to celebrate with a love feast. Thus the service does require you to please download the document below and review it to help you prepare!! Part of the service will be lighting of candles if you have, washing of feet or contemplation around this, as well as celebrating with a meal.

Apologies for the previous poor sound this is an improved version

Please find below a pdf file below to download that contains a Guide for Reflection for this week. There are a number of articles with reflection questions after each article. The suggestion would be to use one each day. Each evening Monday to Wednesday there will be a brief reflection available to view or listen to. Enjoy

20200408 Wednesday Holy Week Reflection
Audio for Wednesday Holy Week Reflection
Tuesday Holy Week Reflection Isaiah 49:1-7
Tuesday Holy Week Reflection Isaiah 49:1-7
Holy Week Monday Reflection

A PRAISE SONG WORTH LISTENING TO: https://www.theworkofthepeople.com/praise-song-for-the-pandemic?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_campaign=0b62b15039-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_02_06_08_19_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_946e527274-0b62b15039-49701481

Please also feel free to make use of the following reflections from St. Beuno’s retreat centre in Wales. There is an introduction, Palm Sunday reflection, and then one each day of Holy Week. It takes the form of conversations.